The meaning of being 35 yrs old in Japan

age condition: 20-34

This is a typical item in job application forms of Japanese companies.
Some may think it is weird, but it is a kind of famous Japanese business customs, which restricts people’s opportunities of changing their jobs in their life. Of course people with special experiences or qualifications would be allowed to change their jobs easily, but usually the opportunities are not so much enough for us to challenge.

I became 35 years old in this June. To be honest, I met a recruit agent right after finishing CMU’s program (when I was 34 yrs old) and figured out what I can do and how I am paid with my experience and skillsets, and under the current recruiting environment.  And, you know, the earthquake hit in Japan, which impacted how I think of my life.

How do I exercise what I have learned?
Why am I working for my current company?
What do I want to achieve here originally?

The last question made me remind the original reason why I decided to work for my current company, and I realized the gap between what I am doing and what I wished to myself. Consequently, I chose moving to a different department which matches my original reason more than the current department before thinking of leaving my company. This movement probably makes my promotion late and changes my role from a leader to a follower, but, I take the challenge :)

As of July 1st, I will move to the new team. Sorry I can’t say what I do there now, but it would be exciting!
I will move my house because the new department is located two hours away by train. It is gonna be exciting too :)

By the way, I like the US’s flexible circumstance to change jobs, enter schools and back to work regardless of age. It is pretty reasonable from the viewpoint of freedom of job selection. Maybe the time will come to me when I work in US or any other countries.

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