Finally he got his name!

Hello, I'm Koushiro(煌士郎) !

our naming celemony

My 2nd son was born on 11th May 2011. Both he and his mother have been very well since his arrival.
He got named one week after his birth…because I did not prepare his naming since he was born more than two weeks earlier than when he was scheduled to be born…

I am going to explain how difficult (?) Japanese people give a name for newborn.

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In the last picture, both my sons are holding the papers with their name.
My first son’s name is Rintaro, 凛太郎 in Japanese. 凛 means like gallant, cool, witted (very hard to convey its nuance into different languge…), 太郎 means first-born son.
My new, second son’s name is Koushiro, 煌士郎 in Japanese. 煌 means glittering, leading, going forward. 士 means a Japanese soldier, and 郎 is a kind of suffix which stands for a man.

Both names look traditional, therefore their names are attracting elderly people very very much :)


Japanese people take much care of both Japanese (almost Chinese) characters and how they are called / read. Especially recently, a lot of Japanese young parents take into granted how easy the name is called and recognized by foreign people. And also we were thinking of integrity between Rintaro and newborn’s name, based on their rhythm, how we name both of them. In addition, we should match those integrity with Chinese characters which have their own meanings as well as their pronunciation. It’s like an NP problem…

But eventually, we succeeded in giving our best name to him. We are very proud of both our sons!

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